Ron and Kim Edwards(non-registered)
We have returned to Missy once again for our family photos, because she's the best! Now, we had her do our adoption photos , and we just love them. She captured the moment perfectly and we could not be happier. Kim and I thank you so much!!!
Jessica Sorensen(non-registered)
If ever you doubt what you do Missy, just know that you give people memories with every click of your camera. You've been apart of two major photo sessions that meant the world to me and my family.
Louise Orozco
You did an amazing job capturing the essence of our group of friends even though several of us really don't like having our picture taken! You made it as painless as possible. You have a great eye for a good shot. Thanks for introducing me to the Veterans Home gardens and grounds. What a beautiful place!
I will be back to enjoy it!
Ron and Kim Edwards(non-registered)
The photos of Autumn are terrific. We love, "Miss Autumn Rose" Thank you so much
Mary Gille(non-registered)
There aren't enough words to express our gratitude for Deakans birth photos ! They are priceless !!! I don't know how we will ever decide on a reasonable amount !!!
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you !!
Barbara Peter(non-registered)
The pictures are wonderful . Can't wait to see the rest of them.
Kale Wilhoit(non-registered)
Barbara Peter
Nancy Schodroski(non-registered)
How in the world am I going to pick a reasonable amount of pictures? These are so good, Missy. You do such a nice job of capturing the Kistners' personalities. Great work!
Kelley Hummel
I just love all of our pictures. You did an amazing job Missy! It was an adventure that I can't wait to do again in the fall.!!!
Sara Martin(non-registered)
Thanks for another wonderful session! We always have such a good time having pictures taken with you. We really appreciate you braving the heat with us and love that you yet again captured Lila's personality with each shot! Now comes the hard part....trying to decide which pictures we love best when they are all so awesome!!
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