M2 Photography | About
Welcome to my business/ my site/ my love. I am Missy Myers and other than being a Mommy, capturing memories is what I do. I am a mommy of 4 amazing young kiddos and have a wonderful husband to share them with. We are so lucky to have such amazing children!
Thinking back, I cannot remember a day when I have not taken pictures. My mom always used to tell me about when I would ask for disposable cameras so that I could pose my dolls and take their pictures. Photography is in my blood and in my heart and I truly love my job. I do have a Master's Degree in Social Work and loved doing that as well, but quickly discovered that going to work in a building was simply getting in the way of my creativity and love for smiles. Being at home with four small children poses a challenge even on a good day, but I would not ask for anything else, except photography!! Please, take time to browse the site and check out my love and consider contacting me for your next memory making experience.
Sitting fee is just $50.00. If more than one family, ask for each family to pay sitting fee.